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he twrked a home run. >> thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and you unafraid. the online show comes up when greta goes "on the record" right now. second secretary sebelius getting grilled in this chair for three and a half hours there are five words that she is probably going to regret she said. >> you have heard it in here it is again. >> i don't do this to me. >> don't do this to me? regrettably that's what measures are thinking about obama care. >> you are the architect of the whole program and you will not go into it with the rest of the public. >> i did not say that for me i think it's illegal. >> will you go in. >> affordable coverage. >> come on, in the water is fine. >> don't do this to me. >> she today appeared unaware that she was eligible for the exchanges. >> i apologize. i'm accountable to you for fixing these problems.
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>> the program has crashed and burned at least three times and the users are still having problems. it's been down the whole time have you been testifying. the system is down at this moment. >> hold me accountable for the debacle. i'm responsible. >> i take full responsibility for making sure it gets fixed asap. >> so you are saying that the president is not responsible for h.h.s.? >> sir, i didn't say that. >> okay. so the president also believes -- while i think it's great that you are a team player and you are taking responsibility, it is the president's ultimate responsibility, correct? >> you clearly -- whatever, yes, he is the president, is he responsible for government programs. >> former congressman allen west joins us. nice to see you, sir. >> it's a pleasure to be with you, greta. >> your thoughts about secretary sebelius' testimony today. >> i think she was in a pretty tough position there are a lot of things that are seemingly coming apart. it's not just the web site but also a lot of misunderstandings about people and the policies that they had and where they are getting pushed to. i think she could have done a little bit better job of laying out some of the facts
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and figures of where they are and her role in that. >> she specifically said that she didn't want to give any information as to how many were enrolled because she says she doesn't have reliable information at all and didn't want to get unreliable as sort of a curiosity. the president said later on today point out my colleague jim angle the president said and more people are successfully buying these new plans online than they were a couple weeks ago. he apparently has more reliable information, she does not. >> that's the disconnect. that's the two ships passing in the middle of the night which causes people to lose confidence in the administration. i mean, if you have one person that is saying i don't really want to talk about it and then you have the president on the same day going up to boston and saying, you know, we are having great success and all these people signing up. >> do you believe he has that information? >> i don't think anyone knows what to believe right now. >> he will we, he said it. >> the president also said you could keep your plan, you could keep your doctor and the "the washington post" gave him four pinocchios. >> i'm with you on this. i was being a little bit flip. i don't know where he got
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his information because the secretary says she doesn't have it. >> that's the important thing. you know, if you look at this administration, and the president is the chief executive officers, everyone needs to be on the same sheet of music. i don't think everyone is on the same sheet of music. i don't think people know where the start point, the end point as far as what they need to do in getting this thing turned around so that it can be successful. you know, i know people are out there saying republicans want it to fail. republicans just want to see something that can work in the right direction to help the american people to have affordable healthcare. right now we are in a state of confusion and no one really knows what's going on. that's the problem. >> i was surprised. first of all i thought it was dreadful that she told the president that all systems were go. and that -- and they -- and that it was a disaster. i mean, that to me was terrible.
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it's stunning that she gave the green light. >> well, when you have three years to execute something like, this something that is very massive. one of the largest new entitlement programs that the country has seen, you know, you have got to do reverse cycle planning. if you are going to kick this thing off on the first of october, you have got to back it up year and a half. start doing incremental steps to make sure everything is on track. do some rehearsal test runs and test drives from. what i understand they didn't start a lot of this process until about 30 or 60 days out. >> i was in the room, and i will tell you when was saying that the system was improving and then flashed up on a big screen for everyone to see was the error message which said the system is down at the moment. we are experiencing technical difficulties and hope to have them please try again later. this is at the same time she said the system is doing better. as the judge once said about one of my argument is the that t a silk purse out of a sow's ear. >> absolutely and that erodes your credibility. if you are the person who says i'm responsible and
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sitting there before the american people and you are talking about how the web site is doing well, it's a little slow but then all of the sudden you look up there and you see right now your web site is inoperable and here you have these error messages, someone, like i said, is not providing the right type of information. >> suppose this is december 1st. a.m.d. and we have gotten past the witching hour. no problems getting on. no more problems enrolling in programs, then what? >> >> i think you let it go. i do believe at some point in time if everything is supposed to be fine with this system, the new obama care system, we should start looking at getting rid of all of these waivers and exemptions that have been granted. it has to be fair and equitable to everyone that is out there. >> but, see, therein lies the problem. because waivers and exemptions people who are not paying into the pot. >> sure. >> it's like the young people healthy and invincible who probably aren't going to want to pay into the pot as much as the president might think.
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>> some of them are still on their parents' insurance. >> how does this get financed? if we take people out waivers and exemptions and take into account that i don't young people have going to go in droves and sign up for something, how do we pay for this. >> that is the problem. that is the failed economic premise because you are basing this on outcome people that are going to come in and really assume the cost of the, you know, lower income families and individuals and also the sicker individuals then that's where the individual mandate was not delayed. it really is a revenue stream more than anything else. it really have a tax to make sure that we are still getting something out of you even if you try to say i'm healthy, i'm fine, i'm opting out of it if you start to see those little chinks in the armor, that can cause this not to be successful in the long run. let me mention a pinch in the other part of it. people are going to get subsidies and tax breaks. that's another pinch on the system. i hear republicans talking all the time about the
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computer and how bad the computer is i'm willing to assume it's going to be up and working on november 30th. i have a longer look at this how are we going to finance it. waivers, exemptions, subsidies and young people who aren't going to do. this i'm curious really where the money comes from. >> that's where harry reid is already talking about tax increases because you know we have to go back to the table, come the 15th of january, and then also the 7th of february, dealing with funding the forecast with the cr and then also with the debt ceiling. and you hear harry reid saying that everyone in the united states of america wants to have tax increases. because this was once $940 billion. that was the price tag. now the cbo has put it at 1.8 trillion. based on what you are saying with these unknowns out there in the economic world, it can increase to be 2 to 3 trillion, maybe. >> see, that's the answer i don't have. i'm willing that they can figure out the computer system. >> that will be taken care of. >> i think that's just -- i think that's annoying and troubling and turns people upside down for a cup peel weeks and isn't fair and
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nice to the american people, but i don't think that's a long-term issue. >> no, i mean, think about these millions of americans that are losing their plans, whatever the president wants to say they were bad apple plans. >> a lot of them were. >> no doubt. but the thing is, the americans had their choice to do it. now the americans are going to be forced into these policies that may be, you know, more expensive and may put an economic pinch on them. and if you don't get the right amount of revenue out of them going in and buying the silver, bronze, gold, whatever, if they just decide to pay that tax then, will that tax give you enough revenue. >> nice to see you. >> always a pleasure. this woman says she has lost control. could it happen to you?kn you will haveow to hear her story next. and homemade gravy. but marie callender's does. just sit down and savor. marie callender's. it's time to savor.
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>> check your mailbox hundreds of thousands of americans health insurers. analyst in washington. what happened when she went to the exchange to get a new policy? nice to see you. >> hi, greta, thanks for having me. >> first of all, let me ask you the bottom question about whether or not were you happy with your health insurance? >> i was happy with my plan. >> you don't have it now. you got a cancellation notice. >> i still have it until my anniversary date and then it's no longer available. >> what have you tried to do to get insurance. >> i tried go through the exchanges and went to directed to my state level exchange i live in washington, d.c. dc health link. i put in my information to try to create an account. which i did, the next page
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gave me a phone number to call with a reference number and didn't provide me with a reference number. >> you couldn't continue to do everything through a web site you got booted to feenchts a phone number. >> do you know why you got booted from online to a phone number. >> no, i didn't. the main thing i wanted to do online was to browse the plans to find out who the carriers were. what kind of coverage they might offer. what kind of deductibles there might be. i couldn't find that information. very frustrating. it's not user friendly or consumer friendly at all. >> did you make a phone call? >> i didn't get a reference number to give anyone when i call. maybe they want my social as my identification or something like that, which i was willing to give to the web site. >> but they wanted you to give that information before you give a reference? what are the option plans? >> i could put in my income and my age and a cost calculator which is sort of a generic way to give me an estimate. even the estimates for the plans with the highest deductibles were much more expensive than the plan that i was buying for myself and the individual market. >> what are you paying now? >> i pay $113 a month.
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>> and it's not one of these junk plans? do you have hospitalization? >> i do. >> and what else is in your plan? >> i have preventative care. i have immunizations. i have x-rays. i have all the basic things that someone might want in the health insurance plan. i have a deductible that i thought was pretty high, $2,700 a year. >> and you have in your investigation found anything remotely similar? i realize you can't really shop, but do you know of any plans remotely similar. >> the cost calculator told me that my premium would just about double and if i bought the bronze plan, for example, which is the cheapest plan available on the exchange my deductible would be $3,500 a year. that's a higher deductible and higher premium. i can't believe that that would be better for me or something that i would choose to do on my own. that's why i imagine they have a mandate making this mandatory. >> why do you think this is going up so high? you hear some stories the president said people are getting great deals it's going down. i hear people saying the things you are saying who come heror email me.
4:14 pm
i mean, where is the deal? >> i think my experience is representative of the experience of what will be millions of people who buy their own health insurance, especially young americans, i have seen studies that estimate women's premiums my double and young men's might triple. this is because obama care is not really insurance. obama care is about redistributing costs and in this case it's from younger healthier people on to people who utilize the healthcare system more. >> and would you be satisfied if you could find a comparable program at the comparable price on 00 exchange? would you be content then with obama care? >> that would certainly be a better situation for me, but i'm more insulted by the fact that they're simply taking away my freedom to shop on my own to go directly to insurance carrier. why does there have to be a government middle man between me and the plan i want to choose. >> is there anything to prevent you going to individual insurer. >> in d.c. there is state level laws that basically outlaw the sale or purchase outside of insurance exchange. >> hadley, good luck.
4:15 pm
do you think you will ever get through on this. >> i don't know. i will explore my options and see what i can do next year. >> the magic date might be december 1st. obama administration says this will all be working as of november 30th. try december 1st. >> thanks. >> good luck. next guest force president obama to stick to his promise. what is he doing? you will find out next. ready to run your lines? okay, who helps you focus on your recovery?
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>> warning going out to trick or treaters in one neighborhood. a woman says she will not be handing out children she think are overweight. instead she will send them home with a letter to their parents the letter reads your child is in my opinion
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moderately obese -- my hope is that you will step up as a parent and ration candy this halloween and not allow your child to continue these unhealthy eating habits. so why is this woman doing this? well, here is what she told a local radio station. >> i just want to send a message to the parents of kids that are really overweight. i think it's really irresponsible of parents to sort of send them out, looking for free candy just because all of the other kids are doing it. >> now you be the judge. is this woman helping neighborhood kids or should she leave their eating habits up to their parents and but but out? go to and vote in our poll. new strategy to help you keep your plan if you like it. that's next.
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if you had one of these substandard plans before the affordable care act became law, and you really like that plan, you are able to keep it that's what i said when i was running for office. that was part of the promise we made. >> this is my letter, the letter my family got canceling our insurance. we chose to have our own private policy back in colorado so we could be in the same boat as every one of my constituents. yet, my insurance policy has been cancelled. >> some people like to drive a ford and not a ferrari. some people like to drink out of a red solo cup instead of crystal stem. you are taking away their choice. before, during and after the law was passed the 'kept saying if you like your healthcare plan you can keep it is he keeping his promise. >> yes, is he. >> the "the washington post" gave the administration and yourself four pinocchios on this whole debate if you you like the insurance you have you can keep it. >> so, if you are getting one of these letters, just shop around in the new marketplace, that's what it's for. >> just shop around, really? that after president obama promised you could keep your plan. and today republican senator ron johnson introducing a
4:22 pm
new bill forcing the president to keep his promise. senator johnson from the state of wisconsin joins us. knives to see you, senator. >> hello, greta. >> okay, so your bill, what is your bill that you have introduced? >> well, it's a true grandfather clause. it actually will allow president obama to keep that promise that he made to millions of americans. we can't protect them all. the only way we can honor that promise for every american is to repeal the healthcare law. but for millions of americans, they actually would be able to keep the healthcare plan that they actually like. we would give them that freedom that president obama and the healthcare law is taking away from millions of americans. >> two promises, one is that those plans a lot of people want to so-called keep they don't exist anymore. the insurance companies are just booth them out so you really can't have the plan that you want. >> they could reintroduce those easily. >> you can't enforce the insurance companies to offer them again. >> they certainly. would the mrkt place would certainly allow that part of the problem with the new plans have additional man datsz so their cost is being driven up which is the other promise in terms of lowering
4:23 pm
the -- bending the cost curve down. that also is a broken promise by this president. >> the other problem fors i tooa look at a couple they are junk policies. i'm surprised the state attorney generals aren't going after companies for selling absolute junk. they sold nothing. no hospitalization, it's obscene what some of these policies are. >> greta, what really prompted me to drop' this now, there was a couple mel in wisconsin, both suffering from cancer, she has stage 4 lung cancer. they got dropped from the high risk pool which actually works. their exposure is basically doubling. 20,000 to $40,000. maybe the government will pick up about $10,000 of that. and they are in a panic. so, stress is not good when you have cancer and this president, you know, i heard kathleen sebaali say that people are benefiting from healthcare security now. no, this is gross insecurity. >> well, if she got hit with congressman rogers cross-examined her pretty heavily on that. interestingly about it is senator mary landrieu has a
4:24 pm
bill very similar to yours that he shoonts. 's. she also is considering voting for yours. she is a democrat. that's a switch. >> well, what my bill does it actually uses president obama's grandfathering language in his bill just removes the exceptions. and so it actually does allow people like mary landrieu then keep that promise. not for not to sign my bill. >> complaining about the web site. we have a funding issue aren't going to buy it. where regetting the money for this? >> basically borrowing from our kids and grand kids. $2.5 trillion. i mean, taxes fees and penalties and other taxes are going to be about a trillion. there is 1.5 trillion-dollar deficit question mark right now. is that coming out of medicare? no this is totally understandable. 30 years ago healthcare law $13 trillion, greta. we can't afford it.
4:25 pm
>> i truly believe we have got to get medical care to everybody, but i am trying to figure out where the money is coming from. that's my concern about it we will see what happens to your bill. get more democratic support beside mary landrieu. >> i'm optimistic that we can pass this thing and on to promise that president obama made to million of americans. >> packers will win this weekend, right. >> absolutely. >> kathleen sebelius testifying she was clearly wrong to give it the green light. upton heading up today's hearing. is he here next. can you hash it out with us was secretary sebelius right to take the blame for the rollout or is the secretary responsible. tweet us using #greta. it was a . it was a . and t the kind of attention wanted. so i had a serus talk with my dermatologt about my treatment options. this time, she prescribed humira-adalimumab.
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4:30 pm
soon after their mother's death their father hired his mistress gypsy as a thane. gypsy did not cook or take care of the kids. she followed him around going into his bedroom at night. prosecutors say macneil drugged and drowned his wife so be he could be with gypsy. the defense argues michelle macneil died of heart disease. senator lindsey graham is not backing down. other lawmakers backing graham's attempt to get answers about the benghazi attack. he will block nominations for federal positions until the administration allows benghazi survivors to talk to congress. four americans including ambassador chris stevens were murdered in the benghazi attack. also on capitol hill today. h.h.s. secretary kathleen sebelius taking the blame for the botched obama carrollout. testifying before the house energy and commerce committee, secretary sebelius saying, quote: hold me accountable for the debacle. i'm responsible. secretary sebelius also saying she told the president the web site was ready to launch october 1st and admitting
4:31 pm
she was wrong about that. >> and the minute the hearing ended "on the record" going straight to secretary sebelius to try to get more answers. >> madam secretary, any thought to resigning given the severity of the rollout problems? >> madam secretary, do you actually know the numbers of enrollment? i i know that you said that there wasn't proper information. can you give us some indication does it mirror the state exchanges which is mostly medicaid enrollment? could you just give us a comment on that? madam secretary, given the severity of the problems you have had in the rollout, will you consider or is there a point at the which you will consider resignation? madam secretary, what confidence you can give the american people that the problems won't continue? >> would you consider extending enrollment? >> now we also spoke with house energy and commerce committee chair fred upton. chairman, nice to see you, sir. >> still fred. >> still fred. i know you as mr. chairman.
4:32 pm
this is where the hearing was today with secretary sebelius. did you learn anything new? >> well, i think that we did. the good news, i guess, the next step is that she has agreed to come back. we are going to ask her back. she knows that the beginning of december. we want it know what the numbers are. thus far, they have hid those numbers from us. >> hid or don't know? she says she didn't know. do you think she was cagey about that? >> well, they said that she couldn't verify that they were accurate. even though subcontractors in essence said last week that they knew where they were. but, she is going to come back. she is going to tell us what those sign up numbers are, that is for sure. the other thing we want to see happen maybe before when she comes back in early december is we would like to actually perhaps move legislation through the legislative process and allow folks who have had their individual insurance policies cancelled to be able to keep them. in essence do exactly what the president said only last month that if you have health insurance, and you like it, you don't have to
4:33 pm
do anything. you can keep it well, let's keep them to that promise. >> was she candid? >> i think she was. i mean, she was under oath, that's for sure. >> which is routine. >> it is routine for oversight hearings. that is actually the rules of our committee that when you have an oversight hearing, folks have to tell the truth and otherwise they go to jail. >> she said that she didn't think that she was able legally to have obama care. what is your understanding? >> i don't think that's quite accurate. it was a question that maybe she wasn't ready for. but, as i understand it, yes, she can get out of the fehp and participate in really any exchange around the country. she may not be able to have an employer share contribution as part of it, but, in fact, she is -- it's not illegal to do that. >> would you expect her to do that because, i mean, now she has got much like private industry where your employer pays part of it,
4:34 pm
would you expect her to be in obama care? >> well, actually, that was one of the -- and we had that amendment, mr. vitter over on the senate has been trying to do that amendment. if it was successful, she would be required to do so. as we say what's good for the goose is good for the gander, right? members of congress, personal staff we are participants in those exchanges as we should be and. >> you you will be next change and your staff will be in the exchange? >> yes, they will be. >> but you don't have to be. >> well, we lose, actually the way that it's written we do lose our ability to be in fehb the federal employee health benefit program, and therefore am put into the exchange. so i will be in the exchange and so will my personal staff. >> when she comes back in december you want to know how many people have enrolled, right? >> well, we are hearing numbers all over the map. we are hearing, of course, that more people are being told that they are going to
4:35 pm
be -- that their individual policies are cancelled. and we're hearing, you know, don't know exactly what these numbers are state by state. if you add them up, it's unlikely that the number of people that have actually gone through the process and have signed up, it's unlikely that that number is higher than the folks who have been told that they have actually lost their insurance. >> how are we going to pay for this? i mean, as i understand it it, a huge amount of it depends on the healthy buying it, to pay for the not so healthy. and that would typically be the younger people. i know there was one ad put up colorado state not federal exchange but colorado state with a beer keg to get young people. what is the administration telling you as to how they are going to convince the young and healthy this is something to spend money on? >> this is what we have to drill down as well. they can't tell us yet, the administration. how many people are signing up for medicaid. and when we expand the medicaid eligibility. so what are those numbers versus those that are being forced to sign up for the
4:36 pm
variety of exchanges. so, we don't -- until they start sharing some numbers, it's pretty difficult to come to a conclusion. >> what do you think she thought of the hearing? >> well, she -- you know, hey, it was three and a half hours long. she knew that she was going to get some pretty tough questions. i think she did. we didn't get all the answers that he we want. we are actually preparing a letter today. i will tell you one of the things we are very concerned about is the security of information that individuals post on that web site. knowing that, in fact, they are changing the lines or changing the -- some the information that's out there, literally every single day and unless they do an end-to-end testing, it's not necessarily secure. which is why some of the news networks, in fact, reported earlier this week that it's pretty easy for a hack tore try to get that information. we're going to try to drill down a little bit more, a a letter we will be sending off later this afternoon. >> thank you sir for talking to us. >> thanks. >> straight ahead, a company
4:37 pm
already accuse of defrauding taxpayers. so why did the obama administration hire that same company for a billion-dollar job. that's coming up. also, you won't believe what governor chris christie just told the nfl commissioner. he did it again, find out next. don't forget, 10:00 p.m., watch hannity tonight, liz cheney will be sean's guest 10:00 p.m. on hannity. deep-sea. a 50,000-pound, ingeniously wired machine that optimizes raw data to help safely discover and maximize resources in extreme conditions. our current situation seems rather extreme. why can't we maximize our... ready. ♪ brilliant. let's get out of here. warp speed. ♪
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>> okay, everywhere, it is time to hash it out. the always outspoken governor chris chris christie at it again. this time is he talking football. news breakers tweeting new jersey governor chris christie says if the lights go out at super bowl 48 there will be hell to pay. governor christie is referring to presume miss he made to envelope commissioner roger goodell at the last super bowl. the governor telling the commissioner if the lights go out at the next super bowl in new jersey, quote, there will be bodies strewn in the parking lot for the people who are responsible for the lights going out.
4:40 pm
because that's the way we handle matters in new jersey. enough said. and do you own a pair of google glass the high pair specs could get you slapped with a driving ticket. no driving with these glasses. a woman gets a ticket for wearing google glass behind the wheel. the police pulling the california woman over for speeding also citing for for wearing google glasses on the world. the woman posted a ticket on google highlighting the line on the ticket that reads driving with monitor visible to driver going glass. and i didn't think you could order this it drive-thru, time tweeting put down the fries, both hands for chicken nugget. the world's largest chicken nugget unveiled at trade show in new jersey. weighs 1.1-pound. now the enormous nugget cooks in 500-gallon fryer for 45 minutes. and how about a cupcake with your obama care exchange? sound good in the "new york post" tweeting brooklyn
4:41 pm
cupcake shop overwhelmed with callers after being mistakenly listed as obama karen rollment site. brooklyn cupcake someone of several businesses impacted by the health department screw up. the shop said they received more than 150 calls from people asking about health plans. oops? ews brace yourself wine tonight for you. the huffington post tweeting a global wine shortage may soon be upon us. a new report says demand for wine is on the rise but production has sharply decreased in the world's top wine producing countries, largely because less land is being used to grow grapes. say it ain't so. and now it's your turn to hash it out with us. use tweets and posts. coming up, did the obama administration really do this? did they ignore these red flags and cost you more than a billion dollars? that's next. rting teeth? try poligrip for partials. rting teeth? poligrip helps minimize stress which may damage supporting teeth by stabilizing your partial.
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>> this is is alarming, the obama administration awarding a giant obama care
4:44 pm
contract billion dollars with a b to a british company under investigation for, ready? defrauding british taxpayers. but that's not all. jillian is a franklin center fellow for the national review. she joins us with more on the story. jillian, this is absolutely 1 her perks pretty startling they got a contract worth more than a billion dollars and it's for managing the paper applications for the obama insurance exchange. and that has become more important now that the health site isn't working very well. the company has quite a history abroad. it's being investigated very, very much. not only the british health system but also its dealings in prisons and detention centers. it's got a terrible track record. >> in one of the instances i understand that they are being investigated for over billing the british government by as much as $80 million? >> that's right. them and another company. it was for managing
4:45 pm
electronic surveillance of people that had been released from prison on parole. and i think one report suggests that as many as one in six of the people that they were billing the british government for weren't actually even being monitored. they were dead. they were back in prison. they had left the country. pretty shocking stuff. >> all right, now, there is also another aspect of this. one of the representatives here in the united states works for greenberg, a law firm here, it looks like he was on the contract to sort of help and lobby for this company; is that right? >> that's right. he was hired as one of the lobbyists, and that's something if you see if you look through the records. they pushed hard spent more than a million dollars lobbying the u.s. government for contracts. the healthcare law was one of the contracts they were pushing for. the particular lobbyist that they employed actually worked on the health law on capitol hill. left capitol hill to become a lobbyist. was representing sirco and
4:46 pm
came under investigation himself for insider trading. >> so here we have got a situation where a guy works on capitol hill. he worked on the republican side on healthcare. the healthcare gets passed. he leaves capitol hill, to this law firm, this greenberg trog law firm. becomes a lobbyist and this law firm gets paid, what, about a million dollars to lobby to get this contract for this british firm, right? >> they got $100,000 in the last year alone for it. >> all right. $100,000. and then this british firm gets how much of the british contract worth? >> boy, that's another issue. so it was worth $1.249 billion with a b. that was announced in july. and then in july, august, september, news starts coming out of all these investigations in the u.k. investigations in the sexual coercion at a detention center investigations into overbilling, investigations into doctoring performance records. an the obama administration turns around and ups their contracts, extends it and
4:47 pm
makes it more expensive. up to $1.336 billion. >> what is the obama administration saying about the fact that they hire a company to sort out the paperwork for obama care, a company that's under suspicion in britain for defrauding, for filing false reports in work there from the british taxpayers? >> well, they defended it they said that this contractor has a good record in the u.s. that it's. >> a good record? >> yeah. a great record. >> actually, i read your record it, said highly skilled company. proven track record in providing cost effective services to numerous other federal agencies. what in the world are they drinking? have they even made a phone call to britain to find out what's going on? >> even here in the u.s. they were managing a fund for federal employees and they had a leak a couple years ago that jeopardized social security numbers and personal information for 120,000 of them. i think those company records speak for themselves. >> and has anyone given to the obama campaign? i seen circa.
4:48 pm
who gained to the obama campaign. >> it was circa money that went to the obama campaign. that's part of the million dollars that they spent in the last few years lobbying the government and contributing to the political campaigns. >> company given by british entity? >> circa is british multinational company. u.s. headquarters. >> jillian, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> okay, everybody, have you had enough? i want to go off the record on this one. pretty i couldn't know believable. i want to go off the record on this one. you know i love wawferght. beautiful -- washington. beautiful city. so hard not to be disgusted by washington. it's about what goes on here. i hate to use the word corrupt. you just heard a report about circle. and, of course, it's only othe investigation stage for circle. how decent is it to award billions of dollars of government contracts to organizations who, at best, are really cozy with politicians making
4:49 pm
contributions and at worse buying them with campaign contributions and schmoozing lobbyists and, tell me, why would the obama administration award your hard-earned money, more than a billion dollars to a company currently under investigation in britain for swindling the british taxpayers? is that a red flag. what's with the lobbyists who work at the law firm that lobbies for circle to get these billion dollars displacket a former capitol hill staff who worked on healthcare reform in the u.s. senate when it was being debated and he is now himself central in his own federal insider trading investigation? >> i don't know but, but it smells rotten. i know it, you know it. but why doesn't the obama administration know it? do you feel a little bit had? go to and tell me what you think about this. i really want to know. what do you think? and that's my off the record comment tonight. straight ahead, now senator marco rubio has an idea for obama care. he will tell you himself. senator marco rubio is here next coming up.
4:50 pm
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>> now time to show what you we are watching, we put together the most fantastic videos out there tonight. take a look. this game look san diego state baseball team halloween baseball contest. costumes range from a cheerleader to lifeguard to the jamaican bobsled team from cool runnings, even captain america showed up. and fasten your seat belt virgin america coming up with a new and fun way to get you to pay attention to in-flight safety tips. ♪ >> i got some safety tips ♪ that you got to know. and trust me it's something. >> and that's what we are watching tonight. coming up, senator marco rubio is here next. capital to make it happen?
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obama care on a web site that doesn't work. senator, nice to see you, sir. >> good to see. >> you all right, senator, you filed a delay to fully functional act. what is that and what's the status? and why did you do that? >> yeah. >> number one, i want to fully repeal obama care. this thing rolls out. we are going to continue to see the disaster that it says and the impact that it's having on people. in the interim we are having real people call us every day how concerned they are about the impact that's driving on them. here is why. next year if they don't have health insurance that complies with obama care the irs is going to fine them. the web sight they are supposed to go on to buy that insurance doesn't work. and so my bill is pretty straightforward. it's more of a common sense thing. you can't start enforcing those fines on people until the web site is fully functional and i don't understand why but the democrats have opposed it. at this point they are against any changes to the law even if the law is hurting people.
4:56 pm
>> it would seem to me to be quite reasonable if it's going to take two months to get it fully functional to say october 1st to december 1st. you are asking for a certification six months and beyond; is that right? >> i think that's -- i suspect the democrats think that's not unfair. >> well, but first of all the reason why it has to be six months. web site next day it shutsz down. consistently operating people are not prevented pry from showing up on exchanges. they can sign up for it now. this doesn't prevent anyone from accessing the web site. the only thing it says this can't get insurance because the web site isn't working, you shouldn't be punished for that. >> that means you don't pay the penalty. you have taken a look at the legislation that senator mary landrieu is talking about? she is talking about legislation to guarantee the
4:57 pm
americans who keep current insurance, even if not comply with minimum standards under obama care and democrat what about her bill? >> i think that's important, too. i filed a bill today with senator johnson that says pretty much the same thing. if you have existing coverage and you are happy with it, you you are going to get to keep it that's that was a fundamental promise made to get this law passed now that's being broken. now we are seeing unintended consequence, it was intended consequence, this was done on purpose because they want to undermine and gut the individual marketplace. >> president obama said today though is that the -- the insurance policies that are going away the people are losing are the ones under insured. sometimes like junk insurance policies that no one is going to lose a good policy. do you disagree with that? >> well, first of all, i think people should be able to choose whatever policy makes sense for them. again, you passed the law that we are talking about which says that no one who has existing coverage they are happy with will lose it. if you pass that bill, and it doesn't prohibit anyone
4:58 pm
from getting a better plan it says if you have a plan that you are happy with, you should be allowed to keep it the president himself made that promise and now that promise is something broken. >> what if your plan doesn't provide hospitalization because even, you know, at some point you might get hit by a car. >> well, again, that's not ideal for someone but, the choice is up to them. people should be able to buy any insurance plan that they can afford and want. it's up to individuals to decide what's best for them, not the government or president obama. >> and i suspect though that someone gets hit by a car and ends up in the emergency room without insurance it somehow becomes expense for the rest of us, know he? >> well, again, that needs to be up to the individual to choose what kind of insurance plan they have. the alternative is a lot of people will now go on and insurance. pay the fine and still be uninsured. because they cannot afford the alternative plans being mandated now under obama care. >> for the life of me i can't figure out young person trying to decide between health insurance and the iphone chances are that young person is going to go for iphone at least that's what i think. we need the young people to finance it. curious where we are getting
4:59 pm
this money. >> well, again, i think that's the other part. >> don't know the answer. it's going to blow up the self-sit and add to the national debt and pass costs on to people from all walks of life especially through higher premiums. did you hear secretary sebelius testify today. and if so what did you think. >> her testimony was interesting because as she was testifying the web site itself crashed. i think she tried to take responsibility but at the end of the day this is inexpolitic cable to me amazing part of the law and complicated part of it can't get a web site t the 21st century how are they going to get something as complicated as health insurance to work? >> what's the reaction among democratic senators on obama care behind the scenes? are they saying anything to you? >> they are very concerned about it and see evidence by some the ideas that some of them are starting to propose. >> like senator landrieu? >> that's right. >> is thee going to get any democrats to join along with her. >> we will see. he i think we will see a number of democrats calling for changes to obama care because of the impact this is having on people.
5:00 pm
>> senator, thank you for talking to us. thank you, sir. >> thank you, thank you. thanks for being with us, see you tomorrow night right here at our new time 7 p.m. eastern. o'reilly factor up next. go to ♪ ♪ the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> there is no excuse for it. and i take full responsibility for making sure it gets fixed asap. we are working overtime to improve it every day. >> president obama trying to make a come back after the pounding he has been obama care the president lied to them you deserve better. i apologize, i'm accountable to you for fixing these problems. >> secretary of health and human services kathleen sebelius apologizing to the nation fouled occupy obama care. she is al

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